What Does A Home Health Aide Do?

A home health aide is a person who provides assistance to someone who is homebound or in need of assistance for daily living activities. These activities can range from bathing and dressing, to cooking and cleaning, depending on what the individual needs. A home health aide also helps with medication management, mobility training and much more.

Here are 7 things you can expect from a home health aide:

  1. Help With Personal Care: Aides help patients perform basic activities like bathing and grooming, as well as more complex tasks such as dressing and eating meals. They may also help with mobility issues like getting in-and-out of bed or walking around the house. Home health aides can assist patients with personal hygiene needs such as washing hair and brushing teeth. These tasks are often difficult for older adults who have difficulty moving around on their own due to illness or injury.
  2. Providing Companionship: Home health aides also provide companionship to their clients as well as emotional support. It can be stressful being sick or injured and having someone around who understands can make a big difference in how they feel.
  3. Shopping And Errands: A home health aide will help you with your shopping and errands. This includes picking up groceries or going to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions refilled.
  4. Cooking, And Cleaning: A home health aide may also be responsible for meal preparation and cleanup if your loved one is unable to do it themselves due to illness or injury. If your loved one has difficulty swallowing or chewing, this is especially important because it can lead to malnutrition if their diet isn’t balanced properly.
  5. General Home Care: Home health aides are trained to provide care in many areas of the house including cooking, cleaning and laundry duties as needed. Your aide will clean up after meals and make sure all surfaces are tidy before leaving each day so that things don’t get too cluttered while they’re away from work!
  6. Taking You To Medical Appointments: If your loved one requires transportation for doctor visits or other appointments outside the home — such as physical therapy — a home health aide can drive them there in their own car or arrange for transportation via taxi service or public transportation
  7. Managing Your Medications: They help manage medications by counting pills and ensuring that patients take them as prescribed by their doctors and nurses. This helps ensure compliance with doctors’ orders for treatment regimens and prevent any potential problems that might arise from missed doses or delayed treatments due to forgetting when they are supposed to take them.

A Home Health Aide Can Help You More Than You Might Expect

A home health aide can be a great asset to the person they care for, helping them stay in their home and avoid nursing homes. In many cases, people have found their family member is happier with help at home and are able to continue living there. When you are deciding whether to hire a personal care assistant or make other changes in your home, it is important to assess your needs carefully. For more tips on how to choose a home health aide or other services, contact Saige Homecare today!