Our Dedicated Team at Saige Homecare

Our Team, Your Care, One Home.

Meet Our Home Care Client Coordinators

Our team of Home Care Client Coordinators is the cornerstone of Saige Homecare’s commitment to personalized care. They are more than guides; they are your dedicated companions throughout your entire care journey.

Their role goes beyond the initial setup – they remain at your side to provide continuous support, adjust care plans as needed, and actively incorporate your valuable feedback. With their unwavering commitment, your well-being is not just a destination; it’s a continuous and evolving journey.

Get to know them better:

Jamie Puchalski

RNBN | Director of Care | Owner

Monica Michaels

RNBN | Client Care Manager

Scotland Dessario

LPN | Client Care Coordinator

Vanessa Wong

RNBN MBA | Client Care Manager