Private Facility & Continuing Care Services For Seniors in Calgary

Caregivers. Friends. We’re both.

Why would I need the assistance of a private health aide in long-term care, assisted living, or during an extended hospital stay?

Sometimes we need a little more care, attention and support. Even when living in a Calgary long term care facility, assisted living, or having an extended hospital stay. While there may be a health care team attending to you or someone you care for, it might not be as much support as is needed. Saige Homecare can provide additional one-on-one private health care support and companionship services. This extra relief can help individuals recover faster, take control of their health, and improve their overall quality of care.

Our Health Care Aides can help out short-term, long-term, aid with transitions from the hospital to home— it is completely dependent on each individual’s needs and goals.

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