Senior Home Care Services in Calgary

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At what age does home care make sense for a senior?

Saige Homecare can provide at home senior care services at any point in time for aging adults that require assistance. There is no specific age or timeline for elderly care at home. Home care can be a short term, seasonal, or long term solution — it is completely dependent on each individual’s needs and goals.

Home care gives aging adults the opportunity to improve their quality of life, address challenges, and create meaningful connections. If there are day-to-day struggles or age related issues that start to impact a person’s daily activities or quality of life and they want to remain independent, then home care is a viable solution.

Senior home care helps:

  • Improve daily life and maintain positive routines,
  • Encourage seniors to take an active role in their health and independence,
  • Maintain household tasks from housekeeping to meal preparation, and
  • Promote life satisfaction, self-esteem, and wellbeing of the individual, which all contribute to health and happiness.