About Saige Homecare in Calgary, AB

Where Care Meets Home.

What Makes Our Process Unique

Free in-home care consultations.

A registered nurse will come to your home for an assessment and determine exactly what level of care is needed. We never charge for this consultation — it’s simply the first step to getting you the peace of mind you deserve when choosing a home care provider in Calgary.

Custom home care plans.

At Saige Homecare you won’t find any pre-set packages. Our registered nurses build custom plans for each client: from light housekeeping and bill management to full-service 24/7 care. Our team will work alongside your other health care providers so that nothing is missed and everyone is always in the loop.

Continuous support and improvement.

At Saige Homecare, your care journey never stands still. Beyond the initial setup, we proactively review caregiver notes, maintain regular check-ins, adapt to changing needs, and actively engage in your care. Your feedback shapes our commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring your evolving needs are met with unwavering support and dedication.

Continuity of care.

We understand the unease that can come with new people in your home. That’s why we prioritize building trust through the presence of familiar faces. We want you to see those friendly, familiar faces time and again, so you feel at ease. Your well-being and peace of mind are at the heart of everything we do at Saige Homecare.

Our Network of Healthcare Connections in Calgary

At Saige Homecare, we pride ourselves on being your bridge to a comprehensive care experience in Calgary. Beyond our dedicated team of caregivers, we’ve built a wide-reaching network of healthcare connections that ensures you have access to specialized care when needed. Whether it’s:

  • collaborating with Occupational Therapists (OTs) to address daily living challenges,
  • connecting you with Physical Therapists (PTs) for improved mobility,
  • or facilitating essential tests through in-house labs

Our commitment is to your holistic well-being. With Saige Homecare, you’re not just getting a caregiver—you’re gaining a trusted partner with extensive healthcare connections, making sure your care journey is second to none.