What’s Included When Caregivers Help With The Chores:

Chores are a necessary part of daily living. Because caregivers are paid for their time and expertise, it is important that they provide services that meet your needs. This means that when caregivers agree to help with chores, they should be able to provide these services:

  • Light Housekeeping: This includes doing the dishes, vacuuming floors, dusting furniture and countertops, wiping off tables and chairs, wiping down appliances and other surfaces in the home etc..
  • Laundry: Caregivers can wash clothes; fold clothes and put them away in drawers or closets; or iron clothes if needed.
  • Bathing And Grooming: Your caregiver can assist you in bathing if needed. This could include things like shaving legs or brushing teeth. They may also be able to help out with grooming tasks such as hair styling and applying makeup. They can be there for emotional support as well — sometimes just having someone there for moral support during these activities can make them more enjoyable for both parties involved!
  • Groceries And Meal Prep: If your loved one needs someone to go grocery shopping for them, the caregiver will do it for you. They can also be trained to prepare meals if you need this service. This is especially helpful if your loved one is not able to cook for themselves or does not have time to cook because they are busy with other things.
  • Transportation: If your loved one needs someone to take them places like medical appointments or errands, then a caregiver can provide transportation services for them as well. This is especially helpful if your loved one is unable to drive or does not have access to transportation due to their condition (i.e., disabled).
  • Companionship: A caregiver can keep your loved one company during meals and throughout the day, giving them someone to talk to in a familiar environment that feels safe and nurturing. This helps reduce stress and forms an important bond, which can make it easier for your loved one to eat healthier foods and complete other tasks around the house more easily.


Caregiver Help With Housework By Saige Homecare Services

If you or a loved one is facing the realities of aging and in need of care by a caregiver, know that help is available with housework or other necessary tasks. Caregivers are trained to tailor their services to your individual needs and preferences, offering a variety of options for assistance. Contact Saige Homecare agency today to learn more about this valuable service.